Empire Fabrication & Machine has a complete machining and threading capabilities, managed by skilled and experienced technicians, dedicated to producing the highest quality Pump Barrel products available anywhere in the industry.

Our machine and fabrication shop builds various well head parts for the vertical turbine industry including Barrels including:

  Barrel type
    • Barrel w/Flat Bottom
    • Barrel w/End Cap
    • Suction Barrel w/Flat Bottom
    • Suction Barrel w/End Cap
    • Stess Relieveing & Hydro-Testing
    • Barrel With Anchor Plate
    • Suction Barrel With Plate Bottom
    • Suction Barrel With Anchor Plate
  Material Type
    • Carbon Steel
    • Stainless Steel

Give us your Barrel specifications and we will fabricate them to meet your requirements.

Each component is custom made to individual job specifications and quality inspected throughout the manufacturing process.

Call us at (806) 746-5300 for a quotation or click Get a Quote and give us your specifications and we'll get you a quotation.